Tracking categories

There are tracking categories to show the overall results for modules that has tests, but also categories for modules that should have tests. The tracking categories are listed on “Special:TrackingCategories” at each of the projects using the extension.

Tracking categories are done in Github: jeblad/Pickle/includes/Category.


The actual categories used initially are (keys are message keys, values are category names)

    "pickle-tracking-category-good": "Modules with good tests",
    "pickle-tracking-category-pending": "Modules with pending tests",
    "pickle-tracking-category-failing": "Modules with failing tests",
    "pickle-tracking-category-missing": "Modules with missing tests",
    "pickle-tracking-category-unknown": "Modules with unknown tests"

Those are not final and will be changed according to added rules.


Because the categories counts their members they can be used for gross figures for how many good and/or failing tests there are at a specific project, and also for gross figures for how many modules that has tests.

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