Various sources used during the development. This list is only a starting point for further searches on net and in libraries. The listed entries are in no particular order, and does not imply that any specific method should be implemented.

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  • Chelimsky, David; Astels, Dave; Dennis, Zach; Hellesøy, Aslak; Helmkamp, Bryan; North, Dan; The RSpec Book: Behaviour-Driven Development with RSpec, Cucumber, and Friends ISBN: 978-1-934356-37-1 (download)
  • Watson, A. H., & McCabe, T. J. (1996). Structured Testing: A Testing Methodology Using the Cyclomatic Complexity Metric (NIST Special Publication 500-235). (download)
  • Rosenberg, L., Hammer, T., Shaw, J. (1998). Software Metrics and Reliability (Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering). (download)

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