Lists are in prioritized order, not in execution order.


Create an extension

  • ☑ Add proper localization through Translatewiki (translatewiki)
  • ☐ … and additional code (extractor, translator) for localizing tests
  • ☐ Create a gadget to rerun the tests when a user develop code (Console)
  • ☐ Create a parser function to invoke a set of test “files” (pages)

Test styles

  • ☐ Add assert-style tests (“Busted”) in addition to the present expect-style tests (“Rspec”)

Setup and teardown

  • ☐ Add stacks for the callbacks

Extract and format data

  • ☐ Add methods for passing data to describe, context and it


  • ☐ Add functionality for coarse coverage
  • ☐ Add injection of spies (monkey patching) on all methods on whole tables
  • ☐ Add some kind of visualization (list) of non-tested methods

Refactor for production

  • ☐ Cleanup construction of methods
  • ☐ Shift to use table-style objects instead of closures
  • ☐ Solidify the code (add checks for sane data)


  • first implementation, use a template with ifexist
  • ☑ later implementation, use content model and track those modules that has functions, and then identify according to title scheme


  • ☐ Maintain a list of non-techie updates of mw:Help:Pickle/Rollout (all major changes)
  • ☑ At startup add a note at the biggest wikimedia projects' community portals about existence of the mw:Help:Pickle
  • ☑ Mark introduction and core pages at mw:Help:Pickle for translation as early as possible, these pages gives a lot of necessary information
  • ☐ Write a monthly newsletter for the wikitech mailing list, mostly about technical progress
  • ☐ Write a non-techie newsletter for the biggest wikimedia projects' community portals when the extension has the first on-wiki running tests for the examples (that is the extension is functional) and then make it monthly
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